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Salpi Stepanian, PharmD

Clinical and Quality Program Manager

Salpi Stepanian received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Upon graduation, Salpi joined the Clinical Programs and Quality Measurement team at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care where she started as a Disease Manager for diabetes, and moved on to Supervise the Disease Management and High Risk Outreach Department. In this role, she led a team of Nurse Care Managers and Pharmacists to improve gaps in care for patients with diabetes and asthma. While at Harvard Pilgrim, Salpi implemented the Medication Reconciliation program in 2005. This was an innovative program at the time, as it allowed nurse care managers and clinical pharmacists to work collaboratively to obtain a members accurate medication history post discharge, and ensure the members were taking their medications safely and effectively. She expanded her involvement in patient safety by leading the Reduction in Outpatient Medication Errors Lead Team, a multifaceted program working with providers and members to improve medication safety. The program had many components including reducing the risk associated with the use of warfarin, medication adherence to beta blocker therapy post MI, Medication Reconciliation post discharge, and promoting the safe use of prescription and over the counter medications. She was also involved in the development of pharmacy wellness programs to ensure that caregivers and patients alike had the appropriate tools and resources to take medications safely.

In 2011, Salpi moved on to work with Specialty care providers at BIDPO. In this role, she worked with all the specialty care groups to review and improve pharmacy variance reporting. Salpi went on to join Masspro to work on their community based patient safety programs under CMS. In this role, she provided guidance and medication safety expertise to clinical pharmacists in the community to assure patients had coordination of care amongst the care continuum. She was also involved in presenting and facilitating at statewide learning and action Networks and led the Medication Safety Workgroup.

Salpi joined Affiliated Pediatric Practices in 2013 as the Clinical and Quality Program Manager. With her clinical expertise in gaps in care and medication safety, Salpi will be working with APP to improve clinical outcomes for pediatric practices. In addition, her experience working with organizations to adopt the coordination of care model will be an integral component for practices during the PCMH implementation process.